Friday, June 27, 2014

My Transplant Life: Days -6 and -5

Yesterday morning, my mom, Mike, and I dropped the girls off at daycare
 and headed back to Atlanta.
I hate saying goodbye to them. It'll be about four onths before I'm home again.
But there's got to be some rain to see the rainbow, right?

They did good, alll things considered. I signed them in and gave them some last hugs and kisses.
They didn't cry, thank the Lord.
I think it was a good idea to do it in the play area because they were just excited to go and play with the new toys and their friends. I was able to get in the truck before I started crying.
I only let myself cry for a second, though.
There are some who have it way worse than me.
I'm going into this thing healthy as I can be.
I'm in remission, I'm tolerating chemo well, my counts are ALL normal.
I have the best support system anyone could want.
I have someone who can stay here with me while my husband stays home
 and continues a stable lifestyle for our girls and works to provide for our family.
I have NO reason to let myself wallow in self pity - God is too good for that!
Day -6 _meaning 6 days to transplant) consisted of having my chest PICC line placed, getting settled
  into my room and receiving my first dose of chemo.

My doctor has a sense of humor! :)
 I was able to do the chest line with no sedation (something I am absolutely terrified of),
 It hurt.
A lot.
I cried on the table.
I almost wanted to punch the doctor.
 I think he  was more rough than he actually needed to be.
 I'm pretty sure someone spit in his Cheerios before he came into the room
 and shoved that thing into my neck and chest.
 But it's over, and taking it out is a whole lot easier than putting it in!

Day -5 is about the same so far. We unpacked te rest of our things.
 My new line is still sore, but I haven't had to take any pain medicine so far.
I've got chemo scheduled for tonight.
 I walked 1/2 a mile so far out in the hall.
 I talked to Mike and the girls. They had a squadron family day and it sounds like they had a blast. The girls went waing and got soaked!

So all in all, Day 2 of 100 Days in Atlanta has gone well.
I pray they pass quickly and I can get back to complaining about cleaning, the girls not doing their chores cheerfully, Mike's boots left beside the door, his belt left in his pants, and change in the washing machine.


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