Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!
I hope ya'll had a great day today.
Mama and I had some visitors here in Atlanta.
These folks came up to visit awhile, and I'm thankful.
It was a break in the monotony, mama got to get out and grab some more food supplies,
and we ate some good chicken & potato salad.
And they got SWEET TEA and brought it back!
You don't realize how much you miss sweet tea until you don't have it.
#thestruggleisreal  #firstworldproblms
Days -4 and -3 have been uneventful.
My counts have started to drop a little, but that is what we want and is what is expected.
I got to see one of my favorite doctors today, Dr. Koury.
Last January he met us in the ER with my first trelapse and gave me little hope.
He's said he doesn't understand the recoveries.
Truth be told, I don't either.
But I serve a God greater than any doctor, medicine, or problem.
He brings an understanding I can't even explain.
Peace, joy, an EVER present strength when I have none left.
Other than that, noting is happening, friends.
That's okay, though! I'll let you go now so that I can get back to the fried chicken and my book.
You know, the important  things in life. :)

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