Monday, June 30, 2014

Meal Plan Monday 6.3.2014

It's Menu Plan Monday - Daddy style!
If you don't know, I (the mama) am in the hospital 2.5 hours away,
having a bone marrow transplant.
I have always planned our meals, and it is the #1 money saving tip I have.
 Plus, you don't  end up wasting
and buying junk that just sits in your cabinets until it dies a lonely death.
I'm linking up with Organizing Junkie. If you meal plan, or if you want to get started - check her out! There are tons of link ups each week and the ladies give some really great tips and ideas.
Now remember, this is Daddy-style.
This means the recipes are super quick and easy because they won't get home until about 5:45,
 and bedtime is 8:30.
Monday: ramen noodles and egg rolls
Tuesday: alfredo pata with mushrooms, chicken, and green pepper
Wednesday: Transplant day - girls are going to family and Mike will eat out
Thursday: Mike will be alone,, so sandwiches or out
Friday: same as Thursday
Saturday: homemade cheese pizza
Sunday: spaghetti and garlic bread

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