Wednesday, May 14, 2014

June Claire turns FOUR!

This sweet little girl turned four on April 21! 
I know, I know. I'm almost a month late.
Better late than never, though!

Miss June is sweet, sassy, and everything in between. 
We threw her a Minnie Mouse birthday party, which she LOVED.
She recently started full-day preschool (but stays home with me if I don't have any appointments) and has grown in leaps and bounds. She is still seeing a speech therapist and is excelling there. She will officially start K4 this fall - we got the paperwork yesterday to sign her up. 

Junebug, you love anything Minnie Mouse (you have several outfits and a pair of shoes that are Minnie Mouse and you wear them almost every day - as often as I'll let you!), Doc McStuffins, babies, bubbles, and anything to do with your hands. You especially love putting together puzzles, and you do a great job at it! You have a wooden tool bench that you play with almost every day. You build lots of great things. And you love blocks and are SO proud when you build things with them! Yesterday you and Sara built a zoo inside a city. I love your imagination. You keep us laughing every single day and is the best medicine anyone could ever give me.And you defend your family until the last breath. The other morning Sara said, "Mama - you're looking mighty chubby this morning!"and you let her know real quick that your mama was not chubby and she was being mean. :)
 It's okay sweetheart - I am okay with being chubby, as long as I get to be your mama! 

I think this picture says it all. She was pretty excited to get her very own "iPad".

I cannot believe my baby is four years old. She has come so far from the tiny 1 pound, 15 ounce, 13 inch little miracle that she used to be. God blessed us so much with her and I hope never to forget that. June Claire, mama, daddy and Sara love you more than anything and we are so thankful you get to be our daughter and little sister. You are a good one - most of the time. :)

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