Monday, November 14, 2011

hello again....and menu plan monday!

Some sick bugs just WON'T go away! For the past 2-3 weeks, we have been so sick. Stomach viruses, regular viruses, I've had a severe ear infection, and I started PT which is killer. My house looks like a train wreck hit it, and we're scrounging to find clean clothes (hey, just being honest here!) but one day we'll feel better. Right? I hope so.

A long time ago, I did a Menu Plan Monday. I think I'm going to get started back with doing it. I NEED to so that we can get back on track with grocery spending & not being wasteful. So starting today, I will be posting our weekly menus every Monday. I can't promise they'll be fun...sometimes they might even (gasp) say something like "frozen pizza" or "hamburger helper".....the horror! The truth is, that even though I'm a SAHM, we ARE a busy family & sometimes it's just better to eat easy things than cook a full blown meal.

Monday: grilled cheese with celery sticks & ranch.
Tuesday: chicken & dumplings
Wednesday: turkey burgers, roasted cauliflower & sweet potato fries
Thursday: hamburger helper, green beans, & crescent rolls
Friday: lasagna
Saturday: spaghetti & garlic bread
Sunday: pancakes & bacon

My goal is to NOT eat out at all any night this week. Cross your fingers for us!

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