Thursday, November 17, 2011

God's my strength

This has been one of "those" weeks.
One of those weeks when I can't get out of bed without crying and hurting.

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Monday, Michael had off, so we went to eat supper with my daddy, sister & CJ. I was having problems with my left leg and by the time we'd eaten, I knew I needed a hot bath to loosen up the muscles for the ride home. Except -- it just made me sick. So Michael headed back home and the girls & I stayed with Allie. It's been an awful few days. I couldn't dress myself, couldn't walk by myself (even with crutches), it was probably the second worst episode I've had since the first week of September.
But late yesterday morning, we had some really bad weather pass through. There were tornados all around us (thank God everyone I know is okay). I laid in the bed with June while it stormed, ready to take cover, and used the time to pray. I fell on my face before God and begged him for strength to deal with it and grace to not complain. No, I wasn't literally on my face in the physical -- but in my heart, in my soul -- I was face down at His feet. Even as I sit here and remember that time, I'm tearing up. I like to say that sometimes we have to be totally broken before God before we can accept His healing, His help, or even just His mercy & peace of mind. I was there.

My body was weak. Probably the weakest it's been yet. Yesterday morning I needed a grown man to help me out of the bed. I couldn't even lift my leg a centimeter for my sister to slip my clothes on for me. Yep -- I couldn't even dress myself. After the storm broke (and I prayed), I got up from the bed and used crutches to get me to the living room. Yeah, it took me 10 minutes. Yeah, I was shaking and exhausted by the time I got to the rocking chair. But I did it. And then -- I actually made it into a vehicle, to town, ATE LUNCH (I've had NO appetite lately), kept it down, and came to my cousins house. That all doesn't sound big to you, but it was to me! I texted a good friend last night & asked for her to keep me in prayer. Somebody touched Heaven for me because this morning at 5 am, Sara came and asked me to turn the bathroom light on for her. I didn't even think -- I just got out of bed and walked right into the bathroom to turn it on.
No big deal, right? But yesterday morning, I could barely walk!
I thought, "that's God. He's doing what He does best!"

I still have some pain, but it's just a little bit.
Just a reminder of all I have to be thankful for.

Now, friends, I'm off to enjoy my pain-free day and play with my girls!


- dls - said...

Praying that you continue to improve. Happy Thanksgiving week! =)

Mary and Kellie said...

Prayers are being sent up for you from all over. God is with you. And I know that He is going to bring you through this. Love you.

- dls - said...

Dear Stephanie -
Praying much for you over the past weeks as well as asking for prayers from my church!
Surely God has your life in His hands and He has ALL power over this sickness! He IS faithful!
Love you!

- dls - said...

I hear you are making progress in rehab! :) So thankful for all the good news I hear from Jessica!

(whenever you get back to your blog, I know that you will have some AMAZING stories to write about.)

Praying for you!