Tuesday, November 15, 2011

happy tuesday!

Last week we had a few big milestones in our family. June and Sara both had their first dentist appointments:

(I apologize for the poor cell phone camera quality!)
I was pretty sick that day, so Michael took them. Sara has perfect teeth (thank you, Jesus!) and will probably never need braces. The dentist told us that only about 2% of children who come in his office have teeth like hers. Awesome!

June, of course, is still way too little to have a "real" dentist appointment, but I thought that it would be comforting for Sara to have her sister there. And also for June to have Sara there. June has six teeth in and is cutting another one.

We also had another "first" -- June wore her first ponytail!

 I think she is too cute! Love her sweet little dimple.

Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted how my little sister, Allie, lost her sweet Duke. She was (and still is) heartbroken over that little puppy. But....this past week, she decided it was time to get another dog. She chose a Red Bone (???) hunting dog...or something like that. I'm not for sure on the name. But anyway -- she named him Cooter (notice the trend here??) and he is the PRETTIEST dog I have laid eyes on in a long time. He has a coat like velvet. Here they are (don't I have the prettiest sister ever??)

I hope ya'll are having a great Tuesday! We are just hanging out at home, catching up some learning to write our alphabet & cleaning. A good rest day!

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