Monday, October 24, 2011

rest in peace, bo duke

Back in May, my little sister Allie got the sweetest little puppy. 
She named him Bo Duke, but we called him Duke. 
Dukie (as I affectionately called him) went everywhere with Allie. She treated that dog like he was her son.  Duke was not just a dog to Allie...he was her best friend.

I will spare you the sad details, but sweet Duke was (we think) poisoned and he passed away  yesterday afternoon. Allie is completely devastated. She lives alone in a house full of men and Duke was her little buddy. Some of ya'll might think it's silly to be so upset over the loss of a dog, but Duke was NOT just a dog. He was so much more.

As a tribute to Bo Duke, here are a few pictures celebrating his life.
Allie May, I am so sorry for the pain you feel. Dukie was the sweetest dog. I promise you we will get you another puppy as soon as you are ready. There is a perfect one out there just waiting for all your loving!

I so wish ya'll could have been there for this. Duke jumped in the bathtub with the girls and Homer was trying to get him out!

Allie and Bo Duke

 She loved him so much she decorated his little grave

Duke riding with his Pawpaw (my dad)


Pattie said...

RIP Duke. Run and play with my boy Subastian who also passed too young. Losing a dog is like losing a child to some of us. I still have my moments and it's been almost 2 years. You just don't forget our loved ones fur or not.

my thoughts are with you all in the lost of Duke

Southern Love said...

OMG everytime I read this, it makes me want to cry!