Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oh how pinteresting wednesday

Linking up with The Vintage Apple this week for Pinteresting Wednesday

First of all -- ya'll remember last week when I showed ya'll the Alabama wreath? Well -- my cousin (who owns a florist) made me one! She made me a "house divided" one -- with Alabama colors & Gators colors. It's SO cute! I will post a picture of it tomorrow. I love it! If ya'll live around the Montgomery area -- contact me & I'll give you the name of their florist. They have great prices -- the cheapest I've seen around here. (Yes, that WAS a shameless plug!)

Made this for Sara's birthday party last weekend -- it turned out SO good! I love it!

This is a FREE birthday printable!

This are awesome!

I duplicated this cake in a very homemade way.

These are all birthday/party related -- I had one birthday last week & two baby showers this week.
I'm on a party overload!

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Sara said...

Your blog title drew me in! Isn't Pintrest great for party ideas?!