Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stories and horses

Sara watching the storyteller

Yesterday our local library held storytime.
 I was so tickled because it was at the library in my hometown....
the library I went to every Saturday with my mom for years and years.

 Back in the day, Mr. Bryant was the librarian.
Now, the woman who used to drive the Bookmobile that came to our school
 (holla if anyone knows what a Bookmobile is!)
 is the librarian there, and my very own teacher/principal works there, as well!
Sara couldn't hardly register that her mommy went there when she was her age,
and that Mrs. Margaret taught me!
Margaret's daughter & I graduated high school together almost 9 years ago.
 (NINE?! Where did the time go?!)
 I am SO thrilled to be able to pass these roots on to my children.

It was one of the best story-times we've ever been to.
(And we've been to a LOT of them!)

He had the most awesome balloon animals I've ever seen.
He held the childrens attention for an HOUR...
we all know that's an accomplishment!

Later on, we went back because a sweet local farmer had brought his horse
(who was HUGE! bigger than a Clydesdale!)
and authentic 1860's buggy to take the children on rides.

Sara petting Jake

Well, let me just tell ya.
Sitting in a narrow one-horse covered wagon really put things in perspective.
Never again will I complain about my Fusion being cramped with 2+ kids & a dog.
I thought about how those people on the Oregon Trail must have felt
(were any of ya'll addicted in middle school to that computer game??)
Packing up all of their belongings to travel for months & months
in that TINY little wagon.
They said a trip from my town to the next town over would take TEN HOURS...
it usually takes me 20 minutes, and sometimes I complain about THAT!

Right beside our library is the dam and the Tallapoosa River.
Maybe one day I will share pictures of the dam & the old cotton mills
that sit down below it.
It's GORGEOUS. It definitely deserves a whole post of it's own.
One mill (crumbling now) was built in the 1800's and served during the Civil War.
Such a great piece of history for our little town!

I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thursday.
I am off to drive Mrs. Ruth to see her husband today
and then the girls & I are meeting sweet Aubrey & her mama for a playdate.

See ya'll tomorrow!

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