Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Favorites

I don't think I've ever done a monthly favorites post, but I enjoy reading them so much & thought I just might share with ya'll what I've been loving this past month! I haven't really gotten anything new but I do have some old favorites. Here you go!

1. Clinique High Impact Mascara
Ummmm...this stuff is AMAZEBALLS. I have never really tried any Clinique make-up before (well, I think I had one eyeshadow compact a few years ago) but this stuff is seriously so wonderful! I got a little trial size tube and when I run out, I will definitely be buying the full-sized version. This may sound weird, but I use three different mascaras each time I apply it. I know it sounds crazy and like I probably have mascara over-kill, but it works for me!

2. John Frieda's Root Awakening hair serum

I actually switch out & use this line of shampoo/conditioner/hair serum with another line (that I'm actually going to post about below) and I have to say....I LOVE this stuff. It makes my hair feel just as good as Biosilk did, and it's literally half the price. Can't beat it for $5!

3. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo & conditioner

This stuff? Amaaaazing! At about $7 a bottle, it's a little pricey for me -- but totally worth it! I have never had my hair feel so......clean, for lack of a better term.

4. Foundation brush by ELF

I think it's actually called the powder brush, but I use this for my foundation and I LOVE it! To me, it's way better than their actual stipple brush. And for $3....yes, please!

5. POOL!

I don't have a picture of this (although I should, for as much time as we spend out there!) but the girls little pool has been a lifesaver this summer. It's SO HOT here (over 100 already on the average day) and it's just so nice to sit in there and play with them. It's about the only time we can stand to be outdoors!


Amber said...

Hi Stephanie...I'm stopping by from Cleared for Takeoff. What a cute blog you have! I love the design :). I'm a new follower.

Katie Jones said...

I'm a new follower too! LOVE that you used the term "amazeballs". I am so buying that root awakening serum when I run out of my biosilk!