Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catch and release, glasses, and oxygen

Hey ya'll! That's a random title I know, but this is a random, catch-up post!

We have been having a lot of fun the past few days. Last weekend we went fishing twice.
The first time, we got there, caught the first fish (a FIVE POUNDER! I was so excited!) and I asked....
"Where's the cooler?"
To which I was told that we didn't have a cooler 'cause it would be fun to do a little catch  release.

Say whaaaaat? I think it's clearly obvious I'm not a fan of this catch and release thing.
I mean, if I catch something....

So then we went back the next night WITH a cooler....
and lo & behold we did not catch a single fish.

The next few pictures are from the second fishing was so hard to choose just a few because I thought they were all sooo pretty. There was a storm coming in and the clouds were gorgeous!

Sara & her daddy fishing

Baylee & Brett -- newly engaged & expecting their first baby together in December!

Monday Junebug had appointments all day long.

She had PT & OT in the morning, an eye exam just before lunch & then a hearing test right after lunch. She was EXHAUSTED by the time we finished (and so was I!) but praise the Lord -- everything turned out just fine! We are so thankful for all God's blessings on us in this experience with her. She will probably need glasses in a year or so, but we can handle glasses!

Yesterday I worked in the morning & then we relaxed the rest of the day. We were all recovering from the craaazy weekend, I think! Today we've been out & about again....but that's a post for tomorrow because if I posted it today, it would be way too long for one post. But no worries -- it's already scheduled out for tomorrow. ;) Before I go, I have a quick prayer request. The one NICU family we bonded with the most, their little baby Jacob (2 weeks younger than June) has been almost THREE DAYS without an oxygen supplement! His parents are thrilled to death and they are considering taking him off oxygen permanently if he can keeps his sats up while not wearing the mask. Please say a prayer that he will continue to do excellently. It sure is a wonderful thing to see your baby with no lines on his or her face...such a beautiful experience!

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HappyascanB said...

Um, yeah, no catch and release for me. I wanna eat 'em, too!

June bug is soooo precious! She's growing so fast, and I'm so happy to hear her appointments went so well!