Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thursday happenings

The weather has been a little warmer (and when I say "warmer".....I really mean it's in the upper 40's!) the past couple days, so today we decided to take advantage of it & have spent the majority of the afternoon playing outside. We were all getting cabin fever and NEEDED fresh air. We went for a walk (yay for exercise!), Sara got to ride her bicycle & then we played with bubbles while M did his magic on the front shrubs. They were really starting to favor a small forest instead of the pretty little shrubs they were supposed to be!

We started out with JC wide awake, snuggled into her new stroller (thanks, Mamaw!).

There were SEVERAL times I really thought Sara might crash. M says she drives like me...she waits until the last minute to turn away from whatever she's about to crash into.
Just for the record, I don't do that.
(Very often.)

We wrapped up with June sound asleep. That stroller really knocked her out!
I just want to kiss those rosy little cheeks over and over again!

Here's hoping the weather will warm up soon....for real. I'm not a winter girl. I like summer, sunshine, flip flops, water, and NOT freezing my tail off when I step outside!

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HappyascanB said...

Girl, don't I know it! The cold weather has been something awful here in middle Ga, too! Molly seems to nap better when she's all bundled up in her stroller or carseat! Yay for being able to be out doors for a little while!