Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weight Watchers

Has anyone ever done WW before? I just signed up online and will be doing the classes soon...just wondering if anyone had any tips to share!

Our meal plan has pretty much gone out the window this week. Monday we ate out, Tuesday we had chicken pot pie, and tonight we ate out. Oops. Then I realized we'll be gone Saturday and Sunday to my moms...I NEVER eat well there. I will have to keep myself in check! I just made a new meal plan with mostly WW's not much different than the last one.

My first "official" weigh in will be Monday...I'll let you guys know how it goes!


Judy said...

I did WW about 6 years ago and it was wonderful. I never went to any meetings but did weigh in every week. I found the secret is to write down EVERY SINGLE THING that goes in your mouth, you will lose the weight, plus I walked 3-4 times a week about 2 miles. That was before I got re-married, now I'm sorry to say I've put it all back on but we have started to eat better just this week.

Good luck!

Stephanie@BarefeetOntheFrontPorch said...

It is so hard to eat good when you live in the South! It seems like it was so much easier when we lived in England. There is temptation at every corner here.