Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Fall, Ya'll!

Yeah, I know. I'm like a month late.
But better late than never, right?
I didn't put up a whole lot of fall decor this year.
My house is already the fall reds, oranges and browns, so I threw in a few things here and there
 and called it a day
I think I've had this wreath for the past 2-3 years. Seriously. Maybe 4.
I had big aspirations of replacing it this year, but i procrastinated.
Maybe next year?

I have this little acorn picture frame out on the bookshelf.
Yes, it has a Christmas picture in it.
See? Not perfect over here!

This is on the top of my bookshelf (which is in the living room).
I have a big glass jar with some beads in the bottom and a glass pumpkin on top.
 The bird cage to the left was my grandmothers,
and I don't like that silver frame to the right but it works for now.

This pumpkin-y wreath is on the back door. I got it this year at Fred's for $10.
Please excuse the poor state of our interior blinds.
Labs do not like to be left alone in the house apparently, and the shutters took a beating.
This is the arrangement in the middle of my dining room table.
I got the gold charger at Dollar General for $1, the two black candle holders from Goodwill for $1/ea,
and the flowers I already had on hand.

Totally not a part of the fall décor, but who can resist this sweet face?!

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