Monday, October 25, 2010

Old blue Monday

I didn't want the weekend to end. I never do.

We spent this weekend in my hometown. I really wanted to go to the Holiday Market in a neighboring city that the Junior League puts on, but ended up not being able to.

Friday evening we took my two younger cousins (when I say "younger" I mean they're 17 -- when did that become "younger" to me? Wasn't I just 17 last week?!) to a haunted maze thing.

This maze was short, but it got me a couple times. My sister works the ticket booth there (it's a volunteer fire department that puts it on) & she decided to go through it with us for the first time, so they set out to scare her as much as possible.

Well, it worked. :)

Saturday morning, we got up & headed to a bigger city about 45 minutes away to do a little shopping. My mom wanted to go by JCPenney, so I picked up a birthday present & Sara got the prettiest dress. It's baby blue with chocolate brown polka dots....I love it! Then we had lunch at Red Robin (one of Michael's favorites) & stopped by Publix for that BOGO free Halloween candy. Then Sara & I got ready really quickly for a birthday party that afternoon.

Abbie Claire is TWO! I got some super cute shots, but don't want to post any without asking for her parents permission first. So you'll have to settle with this one of Sara:

Sara watching AC open presents.

That evening we went to my cousins to shoot skeet. I got pictures of it, but they're not that pretty. I guess nobody looks their best when shooting a gun, right? Anyway, we had a blast. After dark fell we went inside & watched the Alabama game. Another win!

Sunday was church. I got my mom to snap a few pictures before we headed out. Out of about 30 shots, only a couple turned out okay. Sara was NOT in the picture making mood!

Maybe one day I'll share the outtakes with you. They are hilarious. But not very flattering!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend as well!


His Jules said...

it was so great to have you & Michael and the girls at church again!!! I am so praising God for your whole family being able to be in church!!! Amazing

Lora said...

i think outtakes are more fun, but the picture you posted is sweet :) you look cute!