Monday, August 17, 2009

The Big 5-0

So...I thought we were on our way back home when I made that last post. Our car has broken down again and is currently in the local dealership shop, so we are here for a few days. I'm not sad...I love my hometown!

Anyway, we have been super busy the last few weeks. Our most recent event was Saturday night, when my sisters and I (with the help of our Aunt Pam, my daddy's youngest sister) threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my daddy! It turned out so awesome. We held it at Aw Shucks down by the river bridge (for those of you local-ites) and let me just say -- the food is awesome, the atmosphere is better, and the service is the best! Our three waitresses (I can NOT for the life of me remember their names, unfortunately) ROCKED. If you don't know my dad, you know he is the quiet type and does not like a lot of attention. When you ask him what he wants for his birthday/Father's Day/Christmas/etc. he just smiles and says, "You girls and the babies are all I need." Well, he might not have NEEDED this birthday party...but we threw it anyway -- and had a blast! The two pictures are from the party. You'll have to excuse his look in the first one -- he had just cried because he had opened our scrapbook my sisters & I had made for him. The first picture is my sisters & I (I'm the really blonde one...and no, my natural color is still not as dark as my sisters! Elizabeth, the oldest at 28, is next to me in the black dress, Kayla, the third at 18, is in the red dress, and Allie, the youngest at 16, is in his lap in the yellow) and the second picture is all of his "should-have-been daughters" aka...the ones we've grown up with. Honorable mention especially goes to Tiffani, the lovely dark-haired sweetheart standing next to me. She has been my older sisters best friend since they were knee-high to a grasshoppers ankle, even when they were a whole country away, and still continues to support her unconditionally to this day. What can I say...we love that girl!

Anyway, we had a live band, raw oysters, and good friends and you can't really get any better than that! Thanks to Aw Shucks for handling all of our needs so well!

Disclaimer: I'm not so sure why I look so orange in the face. I'm not normally like that. And I'm totally re-thinking the zebra print dress after seeing these pictures! And, they are totally stolen from Kayla, who stole them from Tiffani. Mwah!

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