Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been MIA lately, and I do apologize. I haven't felt like myself in a few weeks and have taken some time to do some soul searching. As I was telling a dear friend this morning, it seems as if I have lost my joy in doing the little things that a wife and mother do. When I pick up my husbands shoes that he kicks off by the front door, I have grumbled and complained instead of thanking God that I have a husband who can walk. When I wash the dishes I feel trodden down instead of being thankful that there are dirty dishes, because that means we have food to eat. I have snapped at my husband for staying late at work when I should be thankful that he has a job and can provide for us. You see, if you take joy in the small things, it will run over into the big things. And lately, I can't find that joy. I am working hard, praying hard, and I am sure that with the help of wonderful friends, family, and God, I will come through this valley.

I am working hard today and this next week to get my household back on track. I have the yard, flowers and vegetables almost on track again. (And will tonight when I finally plant my potatoes in the trash can! Yes -- a trash can -- ask me how!) On Wednesday of next week I hope to get back to regular blogging, as we will be on a mini vacation until then. Happy Memorial Day!

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