Friday, April 29, 2016

Sunshine, vegetables, and nurses - oh my!

Well, lookee here! I made it back twice in one week!
It's been a crazy week. Mike completed his first week of chemo (GO MIKE!) and while he's quite nauseous, extremely tired, and just feeling a bit down in the dumps overall - he's trucking on through like a champ. I'm SO proud of him!

I'm just going to do a cell phone picture dump for your pleasure, okay?

I came across this meme today:

Isn't it so true? I've never had an old dog to fail me, old folks just want to sit in the rocking chair and be loved on, and old ways have proven to be great.

This was Monday's selection of books to read.
We're still working on The Bobbsey twins.

Miss June loves to help me do my PT exercises every day during their PE time.

Love being able to do schoolwork with the big windows and enjoy the sunshine!

Mike came home from chemo not feeling very well,
but he decided to grill steaks anyway.
I'm so thankful for him. Yes, we fuss. Yes, he annoys me to no end.
But he is my #1!

Nurse June had to check him out with her doctor kit as soon as he walked in.
Here, she's checking to make sure his port is okay.
Sara is just snuggling up to him, happy to have him home.

June and MawMaw (my mama) having a "chat" (as June likes to call it).

Our first tomato!

And our first bell pepper!

Love this scene on a Friday night.
Can't say I'd have it any other way. :)

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