Thursday, May 2, 2013

IG lines and Trader Joe's

I hope ya'll are having a great Thursday!
I went back to the Hemapharesis clinic today to have my IG line taken out and just get a once-over to make sure everything was going well and I could go home.
Everything is great! We were shooting for 4-5 million cells & we got 5.1!
I'm so thankful. My platelets are still low (a combination of my chemo and the Neupegen shot I was taking to boost stem cells) so I got an infusion (which my body didn't really take in) and then went back to the clinic to have my IG line taken out.
I really work myself up over stuff like that and I had convinced myself it would go haywire, blood would be shooting out all over the bed, floor, nurse and myself...but that was not the case.
She removed the tape (ouch!), cleaned me up, snipped the stitches (bigger ouch!) and had me hum while she pulled the line (didn't even hurt -- barely felt it and it literally took 2 seconds!).
Put pressure to the wound site for 30 minutes (due to low platelets) and then applied a pressure dressing which I will take off in 48 hours.
My neck feels soooo much better. It didn't hurt to have the tube in, but it was just awkward and uncomfortable. I'm glad it's out.
What it looks like when you have an IG line taken out and have a pressure dressing on.
What? You didn't know this was Europe's latest fashion? :)
After we left the hospital, we made a trip to Trader Joe's because I'd seen several here in Atlanta and I've always wanted to go to one.
I was not disappointed.
I could stay in there for hours, I think. I'm funny like that in a grocery store, especially one geared towards healthy eating -- everything is just so neat.
I picked up a few things for the house and supper for tonight.
We're having peppercorn chicken, basmati rice, and salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and asian sesame dressing, by the way. :)
I hope you have had a wonderful Thursday & I hope your Friday is better!
Are you ready for the weekend, baby?! :)


Erica Simon said...

Love this post! So glad things are going well. Sending lots of love & prayers!

Anonymous said...

I’m glad you were somehow relieved from your pains and worries. My prayers and hopes are with you. Keep up with the spirit of hope and happiness in your heart. Your friends and family will always be there for you. Always keep in mind that many people love and adore you.

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