Friday, May 6, 2011

Sisters and Morals

This is a really bad picture (hello....we're not even looking at the right camera!) but it's the only good one we got from my baby sister's prom this past weekend. L-R is Elizabeth (the oldest), Allie (the youngest), me (the second) and Kayla (the third). I think Allie looks sooo beautiful in her sassy red prom dress! My daddy surprised her with red roses when they were having their dance. I THINK she was the only one who got sister Kayla was, too. My daddy loves to give some flowers out! Let me just say I can NOT believe she's graduating HIGH SCHOOL. I have to brag on her for a second. A year and a half ago, I didn't think she would even graduate. She wanted to drop out. Even though my daddy raised us with amazing morals, she got mixed up in the wrong crowd.....and, well -- we know what those will do to a beautiful young woman. Bad company corrupts good morals, you know? But somewhere, somehow, she let God change all those negatives into positives. She brought her grades up to A's, she's going to college, she wants to be a RN, she is just completely changed and....

Okay, bragging over. Thanks for the kind comments & messages yesterday. I am so proud of Michael & myself for doing this peacefully so far. You know, life is not always easy. Sometimes it throws you big fat sucky crap, and how you react and deal with it definitely determines what your future will be like. I REFUSE to be one of those mom's who dog their ex-husband in front of their kids, or worse....use their kids as pawns to get what they want. TRASH. That's not me. But I've seen it over and over. So sad!

That said, I am sure I will have many moments where I vent, so I'm apologizing for all of that in advance. If I get to whining too much, just tell me to shut my mouth and remember the blessings. Really, I won't mind. Much.

One more day til the weekend! We can do this!

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