Friday, April 30, 2010

It's been a long 8 days.

This was me when we first got to the hospital last night.

Do I look really nervous? Why? Because I was waiting on the nurse to put Junebug in my arms for the very first time! I was so nervous. They had to unhook her breathing tube for about .75 seconds so they could place her in my arms and I cried so hard to see the look of terror on her face. It almost made me not want to hold her anymore. The nurses and doctors have all assured us time and time again they will never make the decision to move her if they don't think she can tolerate it. But is heartbreaking anyway.

I was sooo thrilled to be able to hold her. It felt so good. She really is soo tiny, and her features are so mini. Her little nose is about the size of the pad of my pinky finger, if even that big! She just snuggled right up to me and either slept or stared at me when I was talking or singing to her. My favorite song to sing to her is "He's Still Working On Me." Kind of fitting, seeing as how she came out so tiny and a bit underdeveloped. Jesus is still working on her, to make her what she's going to be...just like he's still working on me and you. And personally, I hope he never stops working on me!

Leaving you with one last picture, our first with both of us and Junebug. Sara is still in here because she isn't allowed in the NICU. Also, I just wanted to say that June now weighs 1 lb. 15 oz.

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- dls - said...

awww - glad you were able to hold her. still praying for everything to go well with baby June.