Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mama needs a nap.

For some reason, Sara has become ultra-clingy this past week, ever since Mike got home from his exercise on Saturday. I cannot put her down. CANNOT! She has went from tolerating other people to outright refusing them. As much as I love my beautiful little girl, this can't go on forever. I know she misses the sling (she grew out of our old Snugli -- I didn't like it anyway, though) so we are buying a Moby wrap from Jen Jordan! Yay! I've been wanting one of these, so I'm pretty excited to get it. Woot for being back in a wrap, and double woot for having one that doesn't hurt my shoulders!

That said, Sara is cutting SIX teeth. So I know this is probably the cause of the clinginess, but oh my WORD. I can't even pee without her trying to climb into my lap. Poor little one. :(

In other words, MAMA NEEDS A NAP!

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