Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good old memories and my own warm bed.

Okay, so I don't blog as often as I should. Since July 26, we have done loads of playing, watched Sara learn to walk, started preparing for her first birthday party, vacationed in Tennessee and North Carolina for a week, sent Daddy off to an exercise for a week, and now we are preparing to go BACK to Tennessee on Friday for the weekend. I am SO GLAD to be home, if only for a week! Oh, and we have watched Alabama beat the crap out of two opposing teams. That always makes for a good day in the O'Neill household.

Here are some pictures:

Sara enjoying the Fourth of July festivities at the River Walk in Columbus:

Michael & I at Hooters in Destin:

And a couple oldies but goodies:

Tiffany on Thanksgiving. Gosh...she's so little there! (BTW -- the date is wrong. It's November 2004.)

Jennifer & I that same Thanksgiving...I think I was 19.

Brooke, Allie & I on a day trip to Warm Springs, GA.

Wish I could stay longer...but I'm too busy going through these old pictures I found. :)

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