Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Things Are Possible!

I am thrilled to death to make this post and show this picture! I have completely slacked from blogging for the past couple months, mostly because I have been trying as hard as possible to keep this little one growing and healthy. We have had a hard time since about the middle of November, and it got even worse in December, but things have slowly improved and I am so thankful to tell you this is my 15 week belly shot. :) Out of my 6 (yes, SIX!) pregnancies, I have only made it to 15 weeks once before, with Sara. My EDD is July 17, but I don't really care much for "due dates", so I won't be expecting this little one any time before the end of July.

Physically, I'm doing much better. The last episode of spotting was two weeks ago now. I'm feeling the baby move a little each day. The morninng sickness (which was HORRIBLE for the first 3 months) is slowly abating, although I still get nauseous over some things. I am offically in maternity-only and have been since about 10 weeks. We've had three ultrasounds and each one has shown a very healthy little one moving all around. My next appointment is February 8th, and I'm praying we're able to find out what it is!

Emotionally, it's a little more difficult. You know hormones are all out of whack when you're expecting anyway. When I was pregnant the second time last year (August 2009), the morning I found out I was pregnant I walked into church late to hear the song "All Things Are Possible" being sung. It really struck me. Even when I miscarried, I reminded myself that through Jesus, ALL things ARE possible. There is NOTHING He can't do! I have held on to that this time around, as well.

In other news, Sara is potty training! It's going SO well. She rarely has accidents -- maybe 2 or 3 a week -- but she wears diapers/pull-ups to bed and when we go out. We're working on her telling me she needs to potty when we're out and about, and it's a slow go, but I'm sure she'll get it. Because we are a one-car family (okay, that's not the whole truth -- Mike has a "dream truck" that is currently the "project truck" -- but he can't drive it back and forth to work all the time because it gets AWFUL gas mileage!) we stay at home except for one or two days a week. I really believe this, partnered with the fact that I waited until she let me know she was ready, without pushing her, is what is making this so easy! It won't be long until we're in diapers no more!

....for a few weeks, at least. :)


HappyascanB said...

Looking great! Praying God protects you and Baby!!

Lora said...

you look so cute :) congratulations!

- dls - said...

hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Congrats on this milestone!